83% of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box. Consequently, if you’re not in the Buy Box, your chances of making a sale are pretty slim.

This help guide will give you more details about what the Buy Box on Amazon is and help you understand how you can win it.

Before you start 

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01 What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The “Buy Box” is the box on a product detail page where the customer starts the buying process by clicking Add to the Basket.

A key reason for Amazon’s success is that the same product can be sold by multiple sellers, ensuring that prices remain competitive.

Note: The Buy Box is either won by a single seller or shared between multiple sellers, Amazon regularly rotates it between eligible merchants throughout the day. To find out more, click here.

02 Why winning the Buy Box is crucial?

As mentioned above, around 80%+ of purchases on Amazon are made from the Buy Box.

Therefore a seller will see a considerable increase whenever they own the Buy Box for a product with a good sales rank.

03 What are the criteria for winning the Buy Box?


Featured Merchant Status

Typically you need 3 months of sales history, and good quality customer service to be a featured merchant.

You can not win the Buy Box without being a featured merchant.

Competitive Price

One of the key criteria in winning the buy box is maintaining a competitive price. It’s worth noting that you do not need to have the cheapest price.

Repricer.com's advanced competitor insights and algorithms can help you win the Buy Box without having the cheapest price.

Customer Feedback Rating

You need to maintain a high customer feedback rating. Ways to help with this include:

- Solicit feedback on orders after they have been despatched (ensure you leave enough time for the order to have been delivered)

- Review all neutral and negative feedback.

- If the feedback is focused on the product purchased (e.g. the buyer didn’t like the colour) rather than about your service, you can request to have the feedback removed via a Seller Central case.

Note: feel free to trial eDesk Feedback to increase your feedbacks and ratings on Amazon. For more info, click here.

Order Defect Rate

Amazon require that less than 1% of your orders contain a ‘defect’

A defect is classified as an order which:

  • Gets negative feedback
  • A-to-Z Guarantee claim
  • Service credit card chargeback

Cancellation Rate

Amazon require that less than 2.5% of orders are canceled before despatch by the seller

This means it is very important to maintain stock on items you are selling and avoid overselling

Late Dispatch Rate

Amazon require that less than 4% of your orders are classified as having been dispatched late.

The late dispatch rate is the number of orders with a shipment confirmation that is overdue by 3 (or more) days divided by the number of orders in the time period of interest.

04 Why you should use Repricer.com's Automated Intelligent Repricing?

  • You will win more Buy Box, and increase sales.
  • You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.
  • We continuously monitor your competitors 24 hours a day, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business
  • Avoid the race to the bottom. Intelligent pricing strategies mean you can price above competitors and still win the Buy Box.
  • Prevents you from selling too low by having a “floor price”.
  • Reacts instantly to any changes to your competitors.
  • Prices up in many circumstances, increasing your margins. For example, when a competitor runs out of stock.
  • Allows you to have higher prices than competitors and still win the Buy Box. For example, where you use FBA competing against FBM listings, Repricer.com allows you to price above your competitors while still winning the Buy Box.

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