When selling on Amazon, it can happen that the Buy Box data showing in your Repricer.com account doesn't match what you see when checking directly on Amazon (and vice versa).

This help file will explain in great detail why sometimes the data doesn't match.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You'll need to have Amazon connected as a channel. To find out how to do this, click here.

The Prime/Non-Prime Buy Box

Maybe you don't know it already but there are two Buy Boxes on Amazon.

The Prime Buy Box: is the Buy Box all Amazon Prime users will see.

The Non-Prime Buy Box: is the Buy Box all Non-Amazon Prime users will see.

Sometimes, it can happen that you will be shown as Buy Box Winner on Repricer.com but when checking on Amazon you're not (or vice versa).

  • Example: you are showing as Buy Box winner in your Repricer.com account but when you check on Amazon, you're not. It can be that you're in the Non-Prime Buy Box and that the seller you're seeing right now is in the Prime Buy Box (as you're subscribed to Amazon Prime in your Seller Central account).

  • Troubleshoot: if you're using Amazon Prime, you might want to log out of your Amazon account and check if you are in the Non-Prime Buy Box. If not, then you are probably shown as Buy Box Winner because of the Buy Box rotation (read above). If you're not using Amazon Prime, there's no real way of checking this unless you can access an Amazon account with Prime or sign up for the free trial.

If you are not showing in any of the 2 Buy Boxes on Amazon, then you might be affected by Amazon's Buy Box rotation, as mentioned above.

Regional Buy Box

Note: this one is affecting US sellers more particularly.

As mentioned just above, there are two types of Buy Boxes on Amazon and the Buy Box is rotated very regularly throughout the day between sellers. 

Another limitation on Amazon's end that could explain why your Buy Box data appears incorrect in your account is the regional Buy Box. This happens when a different seller is showing in the Buy Box after you enter a different US ZIP code. 
  • Example: you are showing as Buy Box winner in your Repricer.com account but when checking directly on Amazon using your current ZIP code, you see another seller in the Buy Box spot. 

  • Troubleshoot: try and change your delivery ZIP code on Amazon to another state and see if you're displayed in the Buy Box then.

Still experiencing issues?

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