This help file will guide you through common reasons why your CSV import file would fail in

Before you start 

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  • Check the required columns are here

The following template columns are required in any upload when making a change to the template data. Deleting the header column row will make the Product Template invalid. The required columns are dependent upon which Repricer plan you are on.
  • Amazon

Required fields: SKU, Marketplace, Merchant_ID, FBA.

  • eBay
Required fields: Marketplace, Store, SKU, Rule.
  • Check the headers in the file

The upload template uses several distinct headers, if your file fails we recommend you check all the headers and ensure that they're spelled correctly and are in the right order.

Note: please be aware that the headers are case sensitive so it's important to double-check they're all in lower cases.
  • Check your file's format

If your file fails to import, we advise checking that the format is correct. currently accepts the following formats: CSV or zip, 7z, bz2, gz.

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