Your Minimum and Maximum prices give a range to reprice between.

In this help file, we will look at all the various ways you can set your Min and Max prices within your account.

Before you start 

  • Minimum and Maximum prices in need to include shipping.

  • We will never reprice below your minimum or above your maximum.

  • Your account must be a pro seller account to allow configuration.

01 Assigning Min and Max prices individually

If there is only one product you wish to adjust your Minimum and Maximum prices on you can do this manually. Just select either the Minimum or Maximum price within the products page and fill in the field the adjustment to be made. Once selected it will be activated.
min max repricer

02 Assigning Min and Max prices in bulk on screen

To assign the Minimum and Maximum prices to a select group of products, first we must filter with a search. 

Step 1: Click on the filter icon to show the available filters. 

Step 2: Choose your parameters click “Search” or ‘Search and Save Filter’ if you wish to save the filter to easily use again under your saved filters.
Step 3: Once you have searched your filtered products, we then need to select all pages in the drop down arrow next to the box icon just above the products. After this, click on the “Bulk Edit Options” and select ‘Assign Prices’.

In this popup box you will have two options below.

  • Assign min/max prices for all filtered skus
  • Assign min/max prices for all filtered skus without min/max prices set

As we want to assign to our filtered items we will choose the first option. However if we wanted to target the products which may not have a repricer we could choose the latter option.

03 Assigning Min and Max prices in bulk via CSV

To adjust the minimum and maximum prices on your entire inventory to an exact amount, you can do this via a bulk upload CSV file. The bulk upload tool can be accessed under the ‘Import page’.

Select Download Template to view all of your products that have been uploaded automatically from your Amazon store into

You should be able to open and edit this file in any spreadsheet application examples: Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets.
If you want exact configuration on only certain products, you can filter in the Products page, select ‘Bulk Actions’ and select download CSV. Then, you can upload said CSV in the Import page as instructed below.

Once adjusted you can upload in two simple ways. Firstly go back to the Bulk Uploads tool as mentioned above.
csvSimply drag and drop or select and add to upload.
You will then receive a notification if it has uploaded successfully or if it failed.

To find out more about uploading Min and Max prices for Amazon and for eBay, click here and here.

04 Assigning Min and Max prices based on Costs

You can create a cost based strategy that will automate your Minimum and Maximum prices to always ensure you are staying above profit.

  • Net Margin

This option will allow you to automatically specify your Min/Max prices for all items assigned to this repricing rule using a Net Margin percentage or fixed profit price based on your Product Costs. 

To find out more about the Net Margin setup, click here.
  • Item Cost Price

This option will allow you to automatically specify your Min/Max prices for all items assigned this repricing rule based on a percentage of the individual cost of the item. 

Note: Item Cost Price will only use the cost of the item to reprice. It will ignore any shipping cost, FBA costs, pickpack costs, Amazon fees, etc. Only the item cost inputted.

  • RRP

This option will allow you to automatically specify your Min/Max prices for all items assigned this repricing rule based on the RRP that you entered your Product Costs.

Note: The RRP (recommended retail price) will reprice only using the RRP price that is set via the product slider (or bulk upload CSV). This is also commonly called MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price).

Pro Tip: Common use case here is for electronic goods where the manufacturer has a specific range in which the product must be sold for. This can be used to ensure that repricer stays within this range.

05 Auto-assigning Min and Max prices

Within your account, you will be able to save time and set up Auto-Assign Prices and Rules to automatically apply Min and Max prices, and also Repricer rule to any new listings i.e. any new or recently back in stock items from that channel.

To setup Auto-Assign, simply click on Settings → Channels → Select the channel in question → Auto-Assign Prices and Rules.
Note: if you select this option, you won't need to include your shipping costs to your Min and Max prices as they will be already included in the current price we import.

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