The Buy Box Optimizer allows you to maximize your sales by increasing your price when you win the Buy Box. 

This help file will guide you through all you need to know about the Buy Box Optimizer option in

Before you start 

  • You need to have a account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You’ll need to be on the Repricer PlusUltimate or Extreme plan to access this feature. To find out more information, click here.
  • You'll need to have Amazon connected as a channel. To find out how to do this, click here.

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01 How the Buy Box Optimizer Works

Once you have won the Buy Box, the Buy Box Optimizer (BBO) kicks into action and increases your price by an amount or a percentage of your choosing every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. If this causes you to lose the Buy Box, Repricer will then revert back to the price just before you lost it.

02 How to Set up the Buy Box Optimizer

Simply follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to your Repricing Rules. You can use the BBO by either creating a new rule or editing an existing one. 

  2. Once in a rule, navigate to the Advanced Options which is the second step of your rule settings. 

  3. Under the Scenarios section, click on the If Buy Box Winner drop-down menu and select Optimize Profit

  4. After selecting Optimize Profit, the settings will collapse to choose your time increment and your amount or percentage. 

The above shows an example that uses the BOO to increase the price by 1% every hour.

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