Whether you are using Repricer's powerful Net Margin feature or our profit calculator it's important to be familiar with all the product costs which factor into these features. Knowing which you set, which Repricer gets from Amazon and how these are used is a must. In this article we'll guide you through everything you need to know about these Product Costs & Fees and how they work within Repricer.
Note: Costs are currently only available for Amazon Products. 

Types of costs within Repricer

Within Repricer, we will use your costs with our Net Margin and Profit Profitability features. Let's start by taking a look at the different kinds of costs we use and how they are set. These different costs come from a mixture of sources,

User defined costs

User defined costs are costs that you, as a user, set within Repricer. We discuss the methods you can use to set these costs later in the article. These costs are all optional, you can set as many or as few as apply to your business. Let's take a look at our user defined costs.
  • Unit cost: This is how much it costs you to purchase the item.
  • Shipping cost: This is how much it costs you to get the item shipped to your customers.
  • Pickpack cost: How much it costs to take this item off your warehouse shelf and package it up for your customer including any packaging costs
  • VAT rate: The rate of VAT to apply. Called "Sales Tax" in the USA.

Amazon defined costs

Amazon defined costs are fees which Repricer will automatically download from Amazon for you. There is no need for you to set these yourself. Learn more about these fees here.
  • Estimated FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) fees: This fee only applies to FBA sellers.
  • Listing Fee %: The per item selling fee that Amazon charges you for listing your product.
  • Variable closing fee: This fee only applies to sellers of media items.
Note: Repricer will automatically refresh your fees on Amazon every 24 hours, if you need to update them quicker than this you can do this on your Channels Repricer tab,
(Settings > Channels > click on your desired channel > Repricer tab > Refresh Fees)

Setting your product costs in Repricer

It is vitally important to set your costs within Repricer if you want to see accurate profitability information on our Insights or Product Screen. This is doubly important if you want to use our powerful Net Margin feature. Within Repricer you can set your Min Max prices in two ways, below we'll take you through each approach quickly.

Individually setting costs via the Product Screen

In order to set your products costs via the Product Screen you need to first bring up a product. You can bring up your desired product(s) by searching, filtering or just opening the Product Screen.

Once you have brought up your product scroll to the bottom of the Product Sidebar and click edit to open the Product Profitability section. Once opened you can review and update your costs for that product. Setting all product costs this way might take a while, which is why we also offer the ability to import your costs, lets take a look at that next.

Setting costs in bulk via the Imports

In order to set your costs in bulk across all your products at once you can use Repricer's Bulk Imports. 
  • Check the sidebar on the left of your screen
  • Click Import > Download Template
  • Open the downloaded file
Note: Your Amazon Fees will also be downloaded in your import file, these however are purely informational and shouldn't be changed unless you turn off Amazon Fee Downloads for this product. 
  With your file open, you will be able to update the costs for your products. You can do this with the following fields,
  • unit_cost
  • shipping_cost
  • pickpack_cost
  • vat_rate

You will also be able to set the currency for each of these values, however for best results we would recommend setting these costs in the marketplaces local currency. If you'd prefer to use another currency, we discuss this in more detail in the next section.
Note: If you want to automate sending your costs to Repricer, you can also send them via our automated API or FTP Imports.

Entering costs in a different currency

If you enter your fees in Repricer in one currency, we will generate the total costs in the native currency for the marketplace.

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