When creating a cost-based pricing strategy with Repricer.com, it's important to be familiar with all the fees involved.

This help file will guide you through everything you need to know about Amazon fees and how they work with Repricer.com.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You'll need to have Amazon connected as a channel. To find out how to do this, click here.

01 Amazon Product Fees

If you sell on Amazon, the products you list will have their own fees depending on the category they belong to.

To know exactly which fees will apply to each category of products, we recommend that you check Amazon's guide here: Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

Note: it's also important to know that, as a seller, you will pay a Referral Fee to Amazon for each item sold. Some categories have a per-item minimum Referral Fee but some others will charge a Referral Fee for each item.

For some particular products, such as Electronic Accessories, the percentage fee will change based on the total sales. It can be 15% up to a total sales value up to one point, then a different value after a certain point.
Let's take a look at the example Amazon provides in their guide with the Watches category.

The Referral Fee for the Watches category on Amazon is the following:
So this is how much Referral Fee you'll pay for an $8 watch, $1,500 watch or $7,000 watch:
Note: don't forget that other fees can apply to your products. The Amazon guide is a good read and keeps you up to date on how Amazon generates these fees. Examples are given at the bottom for different product categories.

02 Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

If you're not sure how much profit your listing can make based on the Amazon fees applied, this is a great place to start!

Click here to access the FBA Revenue Calculator
You can then select to Sign in to Seller Central or Continue as a Guest (you can do either, but it’s easier to use guest).
You can then search for a product based on the following criteria: Product Name / UPC / EAN / ISBN or ASIN.
Once you have found the product you want to test you will see a number of fields that can be updated.
To quickly find out what fees Amazon will apply to your product just update the Item price field and hit Calculate.

You can then check the Selling on Amazon fees field and click on the value to display both the Referral Fee and the Variable Closing Fee you will be charged by Amazon.
These values should be the exact ones showing in your Repricer.com if you're using a cost-based pricing strategy with Net Margin. To find out more, click here.

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