To give our users maximum flexibility Repricer offers different plans to suit every size of business. In this article, we'll discuss our plan limits and the add-on features available to you as a Repricer user.

Plan SKU, Channel & EPM limits

Each of Repricer's plans comes with an included SKU allowance. For example, the Express plan comes with up to 1,000 SKUs. If your account exceeds its SKU limit you will be informed via email and new SKUs will no longer import into your account.

If you're over your plan SKU limit but not yet ready to upgrade to the next plan, you can purchase a SKU bolt-on, adding 10,000 additional SKUs to your account. See our plan SKU limits on our pricing page here.
Note, a SKU for billing purposes is an individual product per marketplace. For example, if you sell the same product on Amazon US and Amazon CA, this would count as 2 SKUs as they are being repriced independently of each other. Further note that out of stock or inactive SKUs are also included in your allowance. If you wish to remove out of stock SKUs, you can reach out to the support team to do this for you.
Each Repricer plan also comes with a limit on the number of Repricing channels you can add. This would apply to channels where you wish to use full competitor repricing (such as Amazon or eBay). Channels where you are only using our Multichannel Replicator are not subject to this limit. If you wish to add additional channels but are not ready to upgrade to our next plan, you can purchase a channel bolt-on. See our plan channel limits on our pricing page here.

Finally, each Repricer plan also comes with an EPM (Events per minute) allowance. While SKUs determine how many products will be repriced, EPMs are a fair usage based on how much each SKU reprices. Each plan comes with its own EPM allowance, for example, 600 on the Expert plan. EPM plan limits have been specially selected to be suitable for the vast majority of sellers, only sellers in very busy categories such as Media and Books are likely to exceed them. Let's break down an example.
Example, your account has 2,500 products on the Expert plan. 600 EPMs is 36,000 EPMs in an hour. This means that each product would need to be repriced 15 times each hour to exceed your limit.
See our EPM limits on our pricing page here.

Plan feature limitations

Repricer is a powerful feature-rich tool and like to offer maximise functionality to our users. We understand that not all businesses are ready yet for every feature so we have packaged them into our plans to better suit your business's current needs. Core features are available on all plans while more advanced level features such as API access and custom development time are only available on higher plans.

See our plan feature limitations on our pricing page here.


Cross ASIN is a powerful feature which lets you reprice against competitors spread across different ASINs. You can learn more about Cross ASIN repricing and how you can make use of it to better your competitiveness in this article. Each Repricer plan includes some Cross ASIN SKUs, with additional Cross ASIN SKUs available for purchase based on your needs. See our Cross ASIN pricing and plan limits on our pricing page here.

Amazon Business Repricing

Amazon Business is the fastest-growing new Amazon market and Repricer offers a powerful add-on which lets you take advantage of this new market. Learn more about Amazon Business and how it works in this article. Amazon Business is an add-on available for purchase on any Repricer plan. See the pricing of Amazon Business on our pricing page here.

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