E-com Solutions is a software for price tracking and inventory management that is responsible for monitoring the changes of your supplier and adjusts its listings in the main markets accordingly.

Repricer.com integrates with E-com Solutions so you can easily base your Min and Max prices on your cost prices.

This help file will give you step-by-step instructions to retrieve your E-com Solutions URL that is necessary to complete the integration.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You need to have an E-com Solutions account. To find out how to create one, click here.

01 E-com Solutions Configuration

Your E-Com Solutions URL will be in the following format:


What you simply need to do is replace the username and password fields above with your E-com Solutions logins and exclude the { }.

  • Example:

Username: Marie@xSellco.com
Password: xSellco01234

In this case, my E-Com Solutions URL will be http://app.ecomsolutions.technology/csv/Marie@xSellco.com/xSellco01234.csv

Pro Tip: please make sure to not use the advanced options for FTP option.

02 Repricer.com Configuration

Follow the steps below in your Repricer.com account to get connected with E-com Solutions.

1. Go to Settings → Company Settings → E-com Solutions and tick the Active box.

2. Then copy the URL that you generated using the format above.

3. You can also set up the Interval of your choice (daily, hourly, weekly, etc..), which will keep your Min and Max prices up to date with your supplier's prices.

4. Scroll down and Save Changes.

03 Repricing Rule Configuration

Please note that you need to use the Cost Price option in your Repricing Rule to set Minimum and Maximum prices when integrating with E-com Solutions. To find out more, click here.

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