Getting set up with Repricer couldn't be easier. Our clear and simple onboarding flow will take you through the setup process every step of the way. In this article, we'll give you an overview of what you can expect from the onboarding process when you start your brand new 14-day free trial. 
Not yet started with Repricer? Why not book in a demo with one of our team to see how we can help your business!

Setting up your trial

The first step in getting your Repricer account up and running is to register for your 14-day free trial. You can do this here.

Linking your first store & Repricing Rule

Alright, that was a quick first step! Let's not delay and continue our setup! Once your account is registered, it's time to choose if you want to link Amazon or eBay as your first channel. We'll only add one store as part of your setup but fear not, you can add more after the onboarding process is finished!
Safe Mode: You can complete your setup in safety. All Repricer accounts start in Safe Mode where we Reprice your products but don't upload the price changes to Amazon or eBay This is the perfect way to test before you start to affect your live products. Learn more about Safe Mode here.
From here on we will go through the eBay onboarding flow, but rest assured that Amazon's flow is almost identical to eBays! Once you are ready select Connect and you'll be prompted to log in to eBay. Once logged in, accept the Terms & Conditions and Authorise Repricer. It couldn't be simpler!

With your store successfully linked, Repricer will start to download your products into Repricer. Once downloaded you'll be able to continue your setup. While they're downloading why not watch our demo playlist to get a feel for Repricer and what it has to offer?

Setting your initial Minimum & Maximum Prices

Now that our products are imported, it's time to set our Minimum and Maximum Prices. Min and Max are effectively your floor and ceiling prices for your products. This is how Repricer can ensure that you never sell your products at a loss!The most popular method is to use our slider, this way you can set your Min Max prices based on your current prices on Amazon. When you're ready click the Preview button to see some examples of your actual products and the Min Max prices they would be given and move on to the next step.

Want to set your own rule? Repricer will automatically assign your products a simple starter repricing rule, once you complete your setup you can view and edit this rule.

Repricing in Safe Mode & going live

Once you have set your initial Min Max Prices, Repricer will start to reprice your products in Safe Mode. Remember, when in Safe Mode Repricer will reprice your products but will not upload the price changes to Amazon or eBay. To get the ball moving you just need to hit the Start Repricing in Safe mode button to start this process.Once you reach the Repricer Dashboard, you're free to explore Repricer fully. At this stage though we'd recommend giving your account an hour or so for Safe Mode to reprice your entire inventory. This will ensure that you have some data in Repricer to look into. You can also review our demo playlist which walks you through the app and its features, that way you'll be ready when your products are done!

When you're ready you can review products that have recently been repriced using the Review Repricing Results option on your dashboard. Or why not reach out to your Onboarding Specialist about your setup? When you're ready for Repricer to upload price changes to Amazon or eBay, select the Go Live button to move into Live Mode!And congratulations, your setup is now completed. Welcome to Team Repricer and don't be a stranger. We're here to help!

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