Out-of-bounds sellers are sellers who fall outside of your minimum and maximum price range. In this article, we will guide you through all you need to know about out-of-bounds sellers in Repricer and how you can tailor your Repricing Rules around them.

What are out-of-bounds sellers?

Out-of-bounds sellers are sellers who fall outside of your minimum and maximum price range. Within Repricer's Repricing Rules, we give you the power to compete with these sellers or ignore them entirely. This is helpful for situations in which another seller is listed as selling the same product as you, but, in reality, is selling a lower quality product, and can, therefore, set a lower price.

For example, if your Minimum Price is $20, a seller priced at $14.99 would be considered out-of-bounds.
An out of bounds competitor is a competitor that falls outside of your min and max pricers

How to ignore out-of-bounds sellers?

Within Repricer's Repricing Rule you can choose to ignore out-of-bounds sellers. By default, if there are competitors below your minimum price, then your If Competition is below Min.Price scenario would apply. Similarly, if there were competitors above your maximum price, your price would go to your max.

If ignore out-of-bounds is enabled, in both of these scenarios, you would instead ignore those sellers and compete solely with the competitors within your Min Max range.

For example, looking at the grathic example above, if ignore out-of-bounds was off, If Competition is below Min.Price would apply taking your price to $11 (Min Price). If ignore out-of-bounds is on, you would instead price against the seller priced at $11.28.
You can turn this setting on or off in your Repricer Repricing Rules,

  • Choose the Repricing Rules tab on the left.
  • Click the Edit icon for one of your Repricing Rules
  • Within Advanced options, you will find Out-of-bounds sellers.
  • Decide if you want to compete against all merchants or ignore out-of-bounds sellers.
  • Click Save Changes.

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