The Kick-Start Repricer changes your price periodically to make your competitors react, and give you a better chance of getting the Buy Box when they do.

This help file will guide you through setting up the Kick-Start Repricer in your account.

Before you start

  • You’ll need to be on the Repricer Plus, Ultimate or Extreme plan to access this feature. To find out more information, click here.
  • You need to have Amazon as a marketplace added to your account. To find out how to connect Amazon with, click here.

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01 How does it work?

The Kick Start Repricer allows you to set an automated loop of increasing or decreasing your current price by a set amount or percentage and then reverting back to the original price and repricing method.

This is done to stimulate your competitors to change their price, and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Note: the Kick starter Repricer will always respect your Minimum and Maximum price and never price your product out of bounds.

02 Setting up the Kick-Start Repricer

Step 1: Navigate to Repricer rules. You can use the Kick-Start Repricer by either creating a new rule or editing an existing one. 

Step 2: Once in a rule, navigate to the Advanced Options which is the second step of your rule settings. 

Step 3: Under the Scenarios section, turn on the Kick-Start Repricer toggle

Step 4: Once the Kick-Starter Repricer is enabled, the settings will appear. Here you need to set how often you want your price to increase or decrease and by how much. 

In the above example, the Kick-Start Repricer will decrease the price by 1.00 every hour, staying at that price for 15 minutes.

Once the stay at price for frequency has expired, one of two scenarios will occur:

  1. If the price change did not cause any competitors to react: then the price will revert back to the price you had before the Kick-Start was applied. The countdown will then start on when to Kick-Start again.
  2. If the price change did cause a competitor to react: and change their price, then this new price will remain, rather than reverting back to the original price. The countdown will then start on when to Kick-Start again.
Note: certain SKUs aren't eligible for Kick-Start Repricing, including:
  • Products where you are currently winning the Buy Box.
  • Products that do not have competition.
  • Products that are out of stock.
  • Products that are not configured for Repricing (no Minimum and Maximum prices or no Repricing Rule assigned).

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