This help file will show you certain situations where you can potentially reprice below your Minimum or above your Maximum price.

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  • Check if you included your shipping costs in your Min and Max prices

You always need to include your shipping costs when setting up your Minimum and Maximum prices. They are set to be the lowest and the highest price you're willing to sell at.
For example:

You are selling a book and have set a Minimum of 5.99€. Your book could sell for 3.39€ (+2.60€ shipping).
You are selling a CD and have set a Minimum price of 2.50€. Your CD could sell for 1.24€ (+1.26€ shipping).

If you forgot to include your shipping in your Min and Max prices, you need to review them in your account.

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Minimum and Maximum Prices

  • Check if you recently changed your Min and Max prices

If you change your Min/Max prices and your Default Rule is ON, the price change will not be instant, but it will update in time. If your Default Rule is OFF, the product will only update if your current price is outside of the new min/max bounds you have set

If you made a very recent change on a SKU to increase your Min and Max prices for example, your current price won't change until a new reprice takes place.

In this particular situation, it can happen that you will show as priced 'below Min' or 'above Max' for a short period of time.

How to troubleshoot?

- on Amazon:
You can try and 'force' a reprice by simply changing your own live price directly on Seller Central. By doing so, it will act like a price change under the ASIN and trigger a notification from Amazon which will reprice the SKU in your account.

- on eBay:
eBay Repricing works on schedule only so you simply need to wait a few hours before the next reprice takes place.

  • Check if you recently changed your shipping costs

As mentioned just above, you always need to include your shipping fees when setting up your Minimum and Maximum prices in

If you change your shipping, you also need to review your Min/Maxs in your account and update them accordingly.

Pro Tip: once you reviewed your Minimum and Maximum prices, you can contact Support to update all of your product's shipping prices so they're all accurate and your Repricing will be too!

  • Check your Net Margin/Cost Price/RRP calculations

Lastly, we advise that you check your calculations if you're using cost-based pricing strategies. If you make a mistake there, it can happen that your product reprices below Min or above Max.

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