Reports allow you to identify actionable insights to help you beat your competition and win the Buy Box more often. In this article we will show you how to identify products that could be sold at a higher profit, monitor sales increases, and decreases, and determine changing sales trends for your products.


The Repricer Reports Screen

To access the Repricer Reports Screen select Reports on your left-hand menu. From there, you will be able to quickly access and download key information about your sales performance, and use the insights from these reports to refine your repricing and sales strategies. There are different types of reports you can download, based on Sales, Inventory, Buy Box, Pricing Bounds, or Fulfilment Channel.

With these reports, you can access key data on a number of aspects of sales, including sales velocity, the historical performance by product, SKUs that have and have not sold in the past seven days, out-of-stock listings, FBA listings, and much more. Generating a report couldn't be easier. Simply click Generate Report and download the report when it's ready.

Note, if your report has not generated within 1 hour you should reach out to the Support Team who can assist resetting the generation process.


Custom Reports (Expert plan feature)

If you are on the Expert plan or higher you will have the added ability to generate Custom Reports. Select the Build Custom Report button on the top right of your screen and choose from the options available how you would like to filter the product data to be supplied in your report. Once you have generated a Custom Report, you can even generate it again from the Generated Reports tab. Let's take a look at the optional settings available for the custom reports.

  • Title: Give your report a title for future reference
  • Scheduling: If you want to schedule this to re-run, what schedule do you want
  • Marketplace: What marketplaces do you want products from
  • Fulfilment: What type of fulfilment should products have
  • Last Sale: When should the product have last sold
  • Stock: Is the product in stock or not
  • Quantity: What Quantity range should the product be within
  • Buy Box Status: What is the products Buy Box Status
  • At Min/Max Prices: Are the products at Min or Max
  • Min/Max Prices set: Have Min Max Prices been set for these products
  • Repricing Rule: What Repricing Rule is assigned to the products

Getting Reports via the API (Expert Plan Feature)

 If you would like to automate generating, scheduling or downloading Repricer Reports you can do this with the Repricer API. We have prepared detailed guides on how you can generate and download a report here and another guide on how you can schedule reports via the Repricer API here.

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