At Repricer we understand how important Seller feedback is for winning the Buy Box. To help you keep on top of your Negative Feedback and get more Positive Ratings we have built Repricer Feedback, a Feedback Management Tool, right into Repricer. 

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Repricer Feedback is only available for Amazon Channels at this time.

Automated Feedback Requests with Repricer Feedback

Repricer Feedback has been built with an automated review request feature. 100% Amazon compliant, Repricer will request feedback from your buyers using Amazon's own email template. Rather than you requesting the feedback, Amazon does it on your behave. With Repricer Feedback you will receive 1,000 requests each month, refreshed when your plan is renewed. 

Note:  If you want to have more control over when and why your feedback requests are sent, why not try eDesk Feedback? Click here to get started.

Feedback Requests are sent automatically 5 days after your product's estimated delivery date to give the largest window possible for your product to arrive before a request is sent. You can enable your Automated Feedback Requests on the Feedback Overview screen (Feedback > Overview).

Note: If you want to limit your requests to specific channels, you can do this under Settings > Company Settings > Repricer Feedback. This option will only appear when Automated Requests is enabled.

Feedback Overview

The Amazon Feedback Overview screen on your dashboard gives you an overview of your Feedback performance over the past 14 days. It's perfect for giving you a snapshot of how you're doing - and enable our new Automated Requests feature.

Average Seller Rating

Average Seller Rating takes the Seller Rating from all of your Repricer-enabled channels and calculates an average for you

Positive This week

In Positive this week you will find the number of Positive Feedback your Repricer-enabled channels have received over the past 7 days.

Negative this week

In Positive this week you will find the number of Negative Feedback your Repricer-enabled channels have received over the past 7 days.

Automated Requests 

This is where you enable Automated Requests. Automated Requests will be sent to your buyers 5 days after the last possible delivery date for your order based on your order's estimated delivery date. For example, if your order was sent on the 2nd with a delivery period of 2-5 days, your request would be sent on the 12th.

Scheduled & Sent

Scheduled requests are requests for orders which have not yet been sent. An order will have a scheduled request until 5 days after the order's delivery date. Sent, are the number of requests which have gone since your billing date. You can send up to 1,000 requests each month.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

In the unfortunate circumstances that you receive Negative Feedback, you will be able to review these in Repricer under the Negative Feedback Screen. If you are using our eDesk service, you can also respond directly to these Negative Feedback via the Respond button to the right.

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