Repricer offers Templates to allow you to export your product data easily, giving you a great point-in-time look at your performance. Using Repricer's Automated Email Exports you can automatically have a Template generated and emailed to you when you need it.
Note: Automated Email Exports are only available for Amazon. We do plan to offer this feature for eBay in future.

Setting up your Automated Email Export

Follow the steps below in your Repricer account to setup your Automated Email Export. 

  • Check the sidebar on the left of your screen
  • Click Settings > Company Settings
  • Click on the Automated Email Export tab
Once open you can now set up your Automated Email Export. Let's take a look at the settings available.

What Template will you get?

First, we determine the type of Amazon Template you want to receive. The Template types available are the same as those available to you on the Import Screen. Learn more about the various Templates available here.

When you will get your Template?

Next, we need to decide when you want to get your export. You can schedule your export to come on the day(s) of your choice along with what time of the day you want to receive it. 

Who will get your Template?

Finally, you need to decide where your export is going to be sent to. By default, this will be your Repricer accounts admin email but you can choose to send the export to other email(s) if you prefer.
Note: You can only have a single Automated Email Export at a time

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