Did you know that you can customize the information that's shown in your Repricer.com account, and also control the way information is displayed? 

This help file will guide you through customizing the appearance of your account to meet your own requirement.

Before you start

  • You'll need a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.

01 Customizing the columns on the Products page

It's very easy for you to customize the columns you see on the Products page in Repricer.com.

1. Click on Products on the left-hand side.
2. Click the Customize Table Layout button.
3. In the Customize table columns popup, the currently-used columns in your Repricer.com account are listed.
  • To remove a column from the layout, click the red X for that column. 
  • To reorder the columns in the Mailbox categories, drag each gray box up or down to reposition it.
    The order that the columns are listed in from top to bottom in the popup indicates the order they will be displayed in from left to right on the Products page.
4. To add further columns, click Pick a new column. A new popup is opened that lists all the possible columns you can add.
  •  Click a field to add the column. The Add a new column popup will be closed and the new column is added in a gray box to the list in the Customise table columns popup.
  • Repeat this step to add further columns. 
    Pro Tip: Don't forget that adding columns may mean that you will need to scroll sideways to see all the columns.
The available columns are listed below:

Default columns:
  • Marketplace
    The icon for the channel, e.g., Amazon.com.
  • Description
    The title of the product.
  • Stock Availability
    If the product is in stock or out of stock.
  • Repricing Status
    If the product is configured for Repricing or not.
  • Buy Box Status
    If you own the Buy Box or not. To find out more about the Buy Box, click here.
  • Buy Box Price
    The current Buy Box price.
  • My Minimum Price
    The Minimum price you set for the listing. To find out more about Min/Max prices, click here.
  • My Price
    The price you're currently listed at.
  • My Maximum Price
    The Maximum price you set for the listing. To find out more about Min/Max prices, click here.
  • Repricing Rule
    The Repricing Rule you set for the listing. To find out more about Rules, click here.
  • Profitability
  • Displays the profitability of the product if you entered the costs.

Other Fields:
  • Velocity Repricing Rule
    If a velocity rule has been applied, it will display its name here.
  • Fulfilment 
    The fulfilment type of the product (MFN, FBA, Prime)
  • Product Summary
    This will give you an overview of Product / SKU / Open Date / Sales Rank all in one go.
  • Product Name
    The name of the product
  • ASIN
    The ASIN of the product.
  • SKU
    The SKU of the product.
  • Sales Rank
    The sales rank of the product.
  • Stock
    The stock quantity currently available for the product.
  • Last Sale
    The last time the product sold (displayed in X days ago).
  • Lowest Price
    The lowest price currently under the ASIN for this product.
  • Open Date
    The first time this product was listed.

Pro Tip: at the very top of the Customise table columns pop up, you will be able to tick the Quick Edit Mode option. This allows you to update the fields in the product columns directly on-screen instead of click on the product to update them.

5. Once you have added, removed, or reordered the columns in the Customise table columns popup, you must click Save to complete the customizations and return to the Products page, where you will see the new column arrangement.

Pro Tip: You can restore the default columns by opening the Customise table columns popup and clicking Reset to Defaults. This immediately resets the table to show only the default columns.

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