In the Dashboard, you will get an extensive amount of graphs and charts giving you an overview of your account.

Each section is clickable so you can have access to all the data and products directly.

This help file will guide you through the Dashboard and all the information you will find on it.

Before you start

  • You need to have a account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You'll need to have channels connected to your account to see data on the Dashboard. To find out more about this, click here.

01 Repricing Summary

The very top section of the Dashboard screen will give you basic information on your Subscription and your Repricing. You will get data on:
  • Total Listings: This is the total listings that have been imported into Repricer, both in and out of stock. Configured Listings refers to the number of listings you have configured to Reprice (Set a Repricing Rule & Min / Max Price)

  • Imported Products: This is the total listings that have yet to be configured to reprice. (Have not had either a Repricing Rule set or Minimum or Maximum Price set)

  • Lowest Priced: This is the number of your configured listings that you are currently the lowest priced seller on Amazon or eBay

  • Buy Box Winner: This is the number of listings where you are both configured and holding the Buy Box. To find out more about the Buy Box, click here.

  • Recent Repricing Activity: This is the number of Repricing Events Repricer has processed for you in the last 24 hours and how much this contributed to your sales yesterday.
Note: this data is refreshed every 15 minutes.

02 Repricer Insights

Repricing Insights makes it easy for you to discover what's important, take meaningful action and win the Buy Box.

All the categories you see in this section will differ for each account, as they depend on your products, your setup, and the type of business you have. 

  • Sales Growth: this figure is the positive difference between the sales value of only your configured products before and after using

  • Product Growth: the configured products that have shown the most sales growth from before and after using

  • Repricing Events: this tracks any time, any competitor changes their price we are notified. We will either reprice your product up or down or sometimes not at all if you have set your rules this way. The standard events on your account in 600 events per minute. 

  • Buy Box Ownership: this graph shows your Buy Box possession. From when you have owned to not owned and some owned being if you changed ownership through that period.

  • Win Back the Buy Box: this section will highlight products where you recently lost the Buy Box but where a small change might enable you to get it back.

  • Buy Box Predictor: the predictor will assess your chances of winning the buy box based on the industry bet standards. By clicking on the High, Low, or Medium sections of the chart, you can go directly to these products and make any adjustments you think may be necessary. To find out more, click here.

  • Sales Performance: this will give you a quick overview of your sales values and sales quantity over time.

  • Out of Stock Products: this section will highlight all of the items that are still being repriced despite being out of stock. That way, you can quickly take action and turn Repricing off to get more allowance and focus on in-stock products.

  • EPMs Insights: The EPM Insight will automatically show when a users' EPMs match or exceed the total number of repricing events over a 4 hour period. We will then continue to show the Insight for a further 3 days after.

03 Product Sales Analysis

  • Greatest Total Revenue
This section of the Dashboard will display the products you sell that have the biggest revenue and sales. For each item, you will be able to see the Sales, Total Revenue, Total Costs, and Total Profits. You will also be able to select the date range you would like to consult this data for.
  • Profitability Trend 

This section displays the total number of products sold and tracks your overall profitability. You can use the data to easily identify and monitor trends and patterns.

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