In order to reprice your products, Repricer receives a Price Event Notification (PEN) from Amazon. You can learn more about repricing and how it works and when we get a PEN in this article. Repricer retains the most recent PEN for up to 72 hours allowing you to review it if you wish to see the same data Repricer used to reprice your product.
Note: The PEN is stored in the orignal JSON recieved directly from Amazon so can be technical

Where can you access the PEN?

Within Repricer, open your Product Screen and select one of your products to open the Product Sidebar. You should search or filter to bring up the product you wish to review. From the Product Sidebar, click the ... button on the header and select View Repricing Event (Advanced) to bring up the most recently recorded PEN for this product.

Understanding the PEN

The PEN is stored in the original JSON received from Amazon in an entirely unedited format. This means that the format isn't very user-friendly and can be technical to understand. In this section, we'll explain what you see if you want to review your PENs. If you'd like to take your investigation to the next level, you can review Amazon's own technical documentation on this data here.
Note. Some fields and sections of the PEN are not returned by Amazon for all products. 

Payload & Summary

Your PEN really starts where it says Body and then we go straight into the Payload Section. This section is an overview of your product and the PEN. It includes your SellerID, ASIN, Marketplace, Condition and the time the PEN was generated (in UTC). It's all pretty self-explanatory so we won't spend any more time going through this section.Next, we have the Summary Section of your PEN, which breaks down the number of competitors on your listing by Fulfilment Type. Amazon in this case means FBA sellers, while Merchant can mean either FBM or SFP. 

Lowest Prices and Buy Box

Next, we have the LowestPrices Section, where we find a breakdown of the lowest prices on the product. You will find the lowest-priced seller on the listing for each Fulfilment Type. As mentioned above, FBA are listed as Amazon while FBM and SFP are listed as Merchant. The Buy Box Section then gives the lowest Buy Box price on the listing.  Please remember that there may be multiple Buy Box winners on the listing, but this section will only show the one, with the lowest price of all Buy Box winners. Amazon also does not return regional Buy Box winners, only the national Buy Box winners. The final part of this section gives a breakdown of your product's Sales Rank and how many sellers on this product are currently eligible for the Buy Box. 


The last section, Offers, is the largest by far, and each seller on the listing (including yourself) has an entry here. This breaks down, in some detail, each seller's offering which allows Repricer to apply our advanced Competitor Rules. Within each offer block (with SellerID at the top), you'll find all of the details relating to that seller only.

To quickly find a specific seller's data, get that seller's SellerID and use your browser's search to quickly arrive at the correct offers section. We show you how to find a SellerID in this article.
Let's go through the information available,
  • SellerID : This is the SellerID of the seller on Amazon. Look out for the SellerID at the top of each offer section as it's a great indicator of where one Seller's data starts and ends.
  • SubCondition :  For Used products this field will show the type of Used, for example, Used Acceptable. 
  • SellerFeedbackRating : This field breaks down the seller's Feedback Rating and total positive Feedback Count.
  • ShippingTime : This section gives shipping-related information such as dispatch range (MinimumHours & MaximumHours) as well as the availability of the product (Products that are in stock show up as NOW).
  • ListingPrice : This field gives the Current Price the seller is charging (excluding Shipping), Shipping is returned below. Add these together to work out the seller's true price.
  • IsFufilledByAmazon : This field confirms if the sellers products is shipped by Amazon (eg, FBA)
  • IsBuyBoxWinner : This field confirms if this seller is the Buy Box Winner or not. Remember multiple sellers can have the Buy Box at the one time and this does not include Regional Buy Box winners, only National Buy Box winners.
  • PrimeInformation : Prime information confirms if the seller offers Amazon Prime Shipping. If IsFulfilledByAmazon is false, and PrimeInformation is true, that means this seller is SFP.
  • IsFeaturedMerchant : This field confirms if the seller's product is currently eligible for the Buy Box.
  • ShipsDomestically : This field confirms if the seller will sell their product domestically.

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