Each seller on Amazon has their own unique Seller/Merchant ID. Using this ID you can use your Repricing Rule to target specific competitors or exclude them altogether. In this article, we'll show you how you can use these features.

Finding a Competitor's SellerID

To exclude or target specific competitors you will need their Amazon SellerID. It's easy to find this ID from Amazon, just follow the steps below,

  • Open a listing on Amazon with your Competitor
  • Click on your Competitor's name to open up their store
  • When the competitor's store page is open, look within the page URL for seller=
  • The text directly after seller= and before & is the SellerID. For example seller=A2WD3IBPJZG7VD&

Exclude specific Sellers

You can use your Amazon Repricing Rule to exclude sellers. Open your Repricing Rule and find the Exclude Specific Merchants field on the Advanced Options tab,
  • Select Repricing Rules on the left-hand menu
  • Select the Rule you want to add an exclusion to
  • Go to the Advanced Options tab
  • Find the Exclude Specific Merchants field 
  • Enter the SellerID(s) of the sellers you want to exclude.

Target Specific Sellers

Alternatively, you can add exclusions to your Competitor Rules or even target competitors specifically with those Competitor Rules. Follow the steps below to target specific sellers on your Competitor Rules,

  • Select Repricing Rules on the left-hand menu
  • Select the Rule you want to add an exclusion to
  • Go to the Competitor Rules tab
  • Add or edit a Competitor Rule
  • Open the Include / Exclude tab
  • Find the Merchants field

There are two options you can use within the Merchants field,

  • Include the following: Enter the SellerIDs of the only competitors you want this Competitor Rule to consider (Ie, ignore everyone else)
  • Ignore the following: Enter the SellerIDs of competitors you want to be ignored by this Competitor Rule.

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