Repricer's Sales Rules are an entirely new way to Reprice against your competitors' using your orders and sales instead of your competitor's prices. Sales Rules are perfect if you are a white-label seller, have no competitors' or just want to avoid using your competitor's prices to guide your pricing.

In this article, we're going to look at the various settings available to you within Sales Rules, if you'd like a general overview of Sales Rules you can find that here.
Note: Sales Rules are currently only available for Amazon but are coming soon to other channels.

Trigger based on Orders

The first setting available in your Sales Rules is the Trigger based on Orders option. Sales rules, by default, will use the monies earned from your sales. You can use this option to consider the number of total orders received instead. Let's take a look at a couple of examples based on if this setting is on or off,

Example with this setting OFF: You have sold more than $450 in the last week
Example with this setting ON: You have sold more than 15 orders in the last week

Custom Timing

Sales Rules also offer you the ability to control when your rule will trigger. By default, your Sales Rule will check your products once every 24 hours. Your rule will also trigger every time your product is checked and a range is matched. With Custom timings you can adjust this to your needs.Our first Custom Timing control will allow you to determine how often your Sales Rule will run. By default, it will run every 24 hours, but with this setting, you can have your rule run as often as every 2 hours or as infrequently as every 72 hours. If you are running your rule more often than every 24 hours we'd strongly recommend using the next setting to avoid your product triggering again before changes have a chance to bed in.

Our next Custom Setting allows you to 'lock' your product for a number of days so when a product has triggered your Sales Rule it won't trigger again for a number of days. This is a perfect way to allow the changes to bed in before your Sales Rule triggers again, potentially moving the price up or down again before it is needed. 

Psychological Pricing

Our Sales Rule Psychological Pricing feature has been designed to ensure that your products are always priced at the psychological price point of your choice. Psychological price points are those ending in 9, such as 1.99, 2.79, 3.39, etc.

The psychological price points available are .09, .19, .29, .39, .49, .59, .69, .79, .89 and .99. Using this feature you can ensure that your Sales Rule will always apply a price point which matches your desired price points.When you use Psychological Pricing, your price will go to the closest psychological price point in the direction your price is already going. So, if your price is being decreased, your price would decrease further to your selected psychological price point. In the inverse, if your price was increasing, your price will increase further to your selected psychological price point.
Note: If your product reaches your Minimum Price or Maximum Price, Repricer will apply the Minimum or Maximum rather than the nearest psychological price point.

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