Proactive Repricer AI
Proactive Repricer AI is a safeguard feature that protects you by ensuring your price is up to date by frequently communicating with Amazon's API. This guide will take you through understanding Proactive Repricer AI.

What is the Proactive Repricer AI?
Repricing is normally reactive in nature. A competitor changes their price and Repricer is made aware of the change and reprices your listing. But how do you get ahead of the curve? This is where Proactive Repricer comes into the picture.
Our new Proactive Repricer AI works quietly on your account and detects situations where it believes that your competitor data might need to be refreshed.

How does Proactive Repricer AI work?
This safeguard feature will proactively go to the Amazon API to check products that are configured to reprice, and if we have not had a price event notification for that product in a set period of time. If a reprice is due, we then reprice your listing proactively.  

Note:  A product will only be checked by Proactive Repricer AI if it is in stock, has a min & max set, and a rule attached. 

Can I manually trigger a Proactive Reprice?
If for some reason you need to update pricing data without waiting for the AI to pick it up you can manually trigger the Proactive Reprice on an individual product.
  • Click on the product you want to update
  • On the side-bar panel, Click 'Proactive Reprice'

How do I know if Proactive Repricer AI has been triggered?
Any time we do a Proactive Reprice it will appear under the Repricing Activity with the event type 'Proactive Reprice'. 

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