If you have a Repricer.com account and if you sell on Amazon, you will sometimes notice listings being flagged as inactive due to potential pricing errors.

This help file will guide you through what pricing errors are and what can be done to avoid them.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You'll need to have access to your Amazon Seller Central account.

01 What is Amazon's safety net?

To help prevent pricing errors, Amazon has a safety net on their site, which allows users to enter a Minimum and Maximum price for each SKU directly on Seller Central.
These Minimum and Maximum prices are very useful and will help you get deactivated right away if a price below the Minimum price or above the Maximum price on Seller Central is being uploaded to Amazon.

When this happens, the listings affected will be flagged as deactivated for potential pricing error and you'll simply need to revise the price on Seller Central to reactivate them.

Pro Tip: if you can't see these fields on your Seller Central account, you can click on Preferences and add them from there.

02 Why did my listings get deactivated?

If you use Repricer.com you should know that you have to set Minimum and Maximum prices in the system too, and these will be the ones we'll use to reprice your products (we'll reprice each SKU between the Min and Max prices set within your Repricer.com account).

The Minimum and Maximum prices set on Repricer.com and the ones set on Seller Central are two different systems and updating one won't update the other.

If your listings have been deactivated on Seller Central, it's likely that one of these two scenarios apply:

  • If you have Min/Max prices set directly on Seller Central: this means that the price uploaded by Repricer.com is outside of the threshold you set on Amazon. In this instance, you may need to review the Min/Max prices you have set in Seller Central, to make sure that the ones in Repricer.com are included in the range.

  • If you haven’t set Min/Max prices directly on Seller Central: this means that Amazon estimate that the price uploaded by Repricer.com is too high or too low for that product and they'll automatically deactivate it. The best way around this is to add your own Min/Max prices to your products on Seller Central so that deactivations won't happen again in the future. 

Note: the Min and Max prices set on Amazon don't include your postage whilst the ones on Repricer.com do.

03 How to set or update Min and Max prices on Seller Central?

It's very easy to set or modify your Minimum and Maximum prices on Seller Central. If you have a small inventory, you can simply update the fields Your Minimum Price and Your Maximum Price (shown above).

Alternatively, if you have a large inventory you can download a Price Quantity file in your Seller Central account and fill the minimum-seller-allowed-price and maximum-seller-allowed-price columns. Once the file is completed, you can upload it directly within Inventory Uploader on Seller Central. To find out more about this, click here.
Note: when you set Min and Max prices on Seller Central or via the Price Quantity file, remember to not include postage. The Minimum and Maximum prices on Seller Central don't include postage but the ones on Repricer.com do.

Still experiencing issues?

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