With all your products available on Repricer, how do you find the ones you want? In this article, we will guide you through searching, filtering, and arranging your products as well as how you identify products you may wish to adjust. 

Search from anywhere in Repricer

Right there at the top of your Repricer account, you can search for products by SKU, ASIN or Title. Just click into the search box, select Amazon or eBay and hit return. You'll be taken to your Repricer Product Screen with your search results.

Searching on the Product Screen

You can also search for your products directly on the Repricer Product Screen. To bring up your Product Screen, click Product then the marketplace you wish to see. For example, Amazon for Amazon Products.

The search bar at the top of your products page can assist you in searching for an individual product by inputting the Title, SKU, or ASIN.search repricer.com

Filtering products

By clicking on the Filters option on the right side of the search bar, you can use dozens of different filter options to bring back the products you want to see. Mix and match your filter options and search to drill down into your inventory. Your filter options have been grouped into Popular Filters, Repricing Filters, or Product Filters.

Once you have chosen your filters select Search to process this and update the listed products.product filter

Saved Filters

If you find yourself constantly filtering for the same items over and over again, for example, only items that are currently in stock, you can save your filter as a preset to quickly and easily view only those specific items.

To do so, add your filter and click on Search and Save Filter. Give the filter a name and this Saved Filter will appear on the very top of the Product Filter bar.saved filter

Bulk Edit Options 

Any of the processes in the Bulk Edit Options setting can be processed after using the filters. With these Bulk Edits, you can assign Rules, Min Max Prices and much much more. We have prepared a dedicated article on Bulk Edits here, which you can take a look at next.

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