This help file will guide you through common reasons why your product is not repricing.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • Check if the product is active will only reprice active items in your inventory. If you notice an item not repricing, the first thing we advise checking that the product is active and in stock on the channel in question.

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  • Check if the product is configured for Repricing

A product needs to be configured to start repricing. To configure a product you need to set a Minimum and a Maximum price and assign a Repricing Rule.
Pro Tip: you can easily see if a product is configured for Repricing if the Repricing Status shows a green icon, see above.

If the product is missing a Minimum/Maximum price or a Rule then it'll never start repricing and the Repricing Status will show in grey.

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Assigning a Repricing Rule to your inventory

  • Check if the product has only been configured recently

As mentioned before, a product needs to be configured to start repricing.

- on Amazon:
Once you set your Min/Max prices and a Rule, the product will then reprice as soon as we receive a price change notification from Amazon.

If the product hasn't started to reprice, it could be that it was only recently configured and that we haven't received a notification from Amazon just yet.

- on eBay:
Once you set your Min/Max prices and a Rule, the product will then reprice after a couple of hours, as eBay repricing takes place on a schedule.

If the product hasn't started to reprice, it could be that it was only recently configured and that the new Repricing schedule didn't start just yet.

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What is a Repricer and how does it work?
  • Check if the channel token has expired

Repricing won't take place if your channel token expired. It's important to check your channels to ensure it's active and Repricing is taking place just fine.

Go to Settings → Channels and make sure that there's no red cross in the Suspended column.

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  • Check if you exceeded your EPMs

Events Per Minute (EPMs) refers to the number of events that will process every minute in relation to your listing. 

There is a standard amount of EPMs included in each subscription plan and you also have the possibility to add more EPMs to speed up your Repricing. 

Sometimes it can happen that Repricing won't happen on your products if you exceeded your EPMs, we will always send you an email and/or an in-App notification when this happens to let you know and help you resolve this.

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  • Check if Repricer is enabled for the channel [Amazon only]

  You need to ensure that Repricing is enabled for the Amazon channel. To quickly check this, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Go to Settings → Channels.

  2. Click on the Amazon channel in question

  3. Select the Repricer tab and check that the Enable button is ON (green).

  • Check your Scenarios in your Rule [Amazon only]

Very often it happens that Repricing isn't working because of a setting in your Rule. Therefore it's important to check your Rules scenarios and see if something is potentially preventing your products to reprice.
  1. Click on Repricing Rules on the left-hand side nav.

  2. Click on the Repricing rule in question.

  3. Select 2. Advanced Options near the bottom of the page.

  4. And then check the Scenarios section showing

If you're using Do not Reprice in any of the scenarios, this can explain why your product isn't repricing right now and you may want to review and make changes if necessary.

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  • Check that your products have competitors sharing the same barcode as you [eBay only]

When using eBay Repricing, we will reprice you against sellers with the same barcode as you (UPC, EAN, or ISBN). If your barcodes are unique, it's not possible to reprice your products as we can't identify what your competitors are.

You will need to either change your own barcodes to match the ones from your competitors or set up a Replicator to base your eBay prices off Amazon for example.

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What is the Multichannel Pricing feature?
  • Check that your products are mapped [Multichannel only]

When you use the Multichannel Pricing option in, we will take the price of your products from your Amazon Source Channel, and push (map) that price to your other Destination Channel. In order for this process to work, your SKUs on both the source and destination marketplaces need to match.

If your SKUs are not matching between the Source and Destination channels, this can explain why Repricing isn't working for your products. You would need to change this and ensure they map in order for Repricing to start.

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Still experiencing issues?

- on Amazon:
You can try and 'force' a reprice by simply changing your own live price directly on Seller Central. By doing so, it will act like a price change under the ASIN and trigger a notification from Amazon which will reprice the SKU in your account.

- on eBay:
eBay Repricing works on schedule only so you simply need to wait a few hours before the next reprice takes place to see if it helps!

Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team for help!