Depending on your location, Amazon won’t display all available sellers but only those that can deliver to your location.

This means if you're troubleshooting on an Amazon site that isn’t your location, you may not see all available sellers. Other values such as shipping rates and even the Buy Box winner can also be different. In this article, we'll show you how you can easily change your location to display all sellers.

Practical Example

On, if your location is set to a UK postcode (British for Zip Code!), for example, you will only see 2 competitors displayed.
But if you change your location to a US postcode (for example, Washington), you will then see 3 competitors listed.

How to change your location

Amazon allows you to change your delivery location directly on the product page. If you enter a local postcode for the marketplace (i.e, a US postcode for Amazon US) then you will see the full list of sellers like any other local. The option is in the same place on each Amazon (right-hand bar), look out for the location pin icon.

Note: if your product is Subscribe and Save you will need to change to One-time Delivery for the option to appear.

What postcodes / Zip Codes should I use?

You can easily get location postcodes with a google search such as ‘New York Zip Code'. Below I have included a quick list you can use for the majority of the Amazon marketplaces. Don’t be afraid to search out your own if any stop working. Personally, I like to get my parcels delivered to the White House at 20500!


Amazon UK (N.Ireland)- BT48 7AB
Amazon UK (Great Britain) - M14 5PU
Amazon FR - 75008
Amazon DE - 10115
Amazon ES - 28008
Amazon IT - 00199
Amazon NL - 3067
Amazon SE - 111 21
Amazon PL - 00-001

Middle East:

Amazon UAE - 00000
Amazon SA - 12212
Amazon EG - 11566
Amazon TR - 75000

North and South America:

Amazon US - 20500
Amazon CA - M4C1M5
Amazon MX - 01100
Amazon BR - 23900-000

East and Southeast Asia:

Amazon JP - 116-0000
Amazon IN - 400 011
Amazon AU - 2618
Amazon SG - 308215

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