If you regularly shop on Amazon.de, you might have come across FBA products with a shipping charge, if the items were films, pc, or even video games.

This help file will guide you through everything you need to know about this new delivery charge on Amazon.de.

Before you start

  • This new FBA delivery fee would be present on Amazon Germany only and would apply on items rated 18+, fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and with a delivery address located in Germany.
  • To find out more and consult Amazon's own help file, click here.

01 What is this delivery charge?

On Amazon sites, FBA tends to be free of delivery charges. Due to local laws, Germany requires delivery companies to verify the age of anyone receiving goods such as films and video games.

Amazon uses a third-party company to deliver these goods and applies a €5 delivery fee for these items. This means that for FBA listings in these categories (rated 18+), FBA delivery will show up as €5, for example:

02 How does this affect Repricer.com?

The first thing to know is that Repricer.com is not made aware of this delivery charge as it's limited to buyers on Amazon DE who are delivering to Germany and only applies to FBA.

In these situations as we’re not informed about the delivery charge by Amazon's API so your price could sometimes appear to be incorrect.

  • If your product is affected and the €5 charge is added, your price will appear to be €5 higher than it should be for DE buyers on Amazon DE. For instance, we would attempt to price at €49.99, but on Amazon, this price would appear as €54.99 (€49.99 + €5).

  • If your competitor's product is affected and the €5 charge is added, your price will be €5 lower than it should be. We would see your competitor's price as €49.99 and compete with this price but in reality, on Amazon, your competitor's price would be €54.99 (€49.99 + €5).

Note: this type of scenario is very specific and will rarely occur on any of your listings. If it does, we would recommend either turning Repricing OFF for the SKUs affected or alternatively, you could adjust your Minimum and Maximum prices.

Still experiencing issues?

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