Once you sign up for Repricer.com, you will be able to add Walmart as a Price Management channel.

This help guide will bring you through this process.

Before you start 

  • You will need a Walmart Pro Seller account to link it to Repricer.com. To find out more about this, click here.


01 How do I connect Walmart in Repricer.com?

  1. Go to Settings then select Channels on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click + Add Channel and select Add a Multichannel Replicator Channel on the right.
  3. Select Walmart.

Note: to find out more about Multichannel Pricing, click here.

Once you selected to connect Walmart, you will need to click on the Allow Access to my Walmart account button so that Repricer.com can import your products and update your prices.
After authorization has been given, the screen will ask you in which region is your webstore based. You can pick between US or Canada.
Note: if you own both a US and a CA Walmart account, you can add the other one later on by following the same steps as above.

03 Configuring your account

Now that you selected the region where your Walmart account is located, it's time to configure it in the Walmart Developer Center.

You can simply follow the instructions on-screen:

  • Log into your Walmart account first and then click on the link provided in Repricer.com to access your Walmart Developer Center. After that, click on Add New Key For a Solution Provider to add Repricer.com.

  • Once this is done, a window with all our permissions will open on-screen. You need to ensure that your xSellco (Repricer.com) permissions are set up this way:

  • You can then hit Submit. On the left side of the table in the xSellco row, there are Copy buttons for the Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret into your Repricer.com account.
  • Hit Save & Go to dashboard.

Well done, your Walmart account is now connected to Repricer.com! It's time to create a Replicator to start repricing your Walmart products.

04 Create a Replicator

You will create your strategy in Repricer.com by setting up Replicators. These will take the price of your products from your Source Channel, and push (map) that price to your Walmart account (Destination channel).

You can then define the price variation on both a marketplace-wide level or on an individual SKU level so that it is either:

  • exactly matching the Amazon product price.

  • above the Amazon product price by an amount/percentage.

  • below the Amazon product price by an amount/percentage.

Walmart is an integrated channel with the Multichannel Pricing tool in Repricer.com, so to find out more information on creating a Replicator, click here.

Further Readings


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