A new feature we're excited to offer on Repricer.com is Net Margin Repricing. With Repricer.com you can upload or set your Cost prices for your products and use this with Amazon fees to calculate your Min Max prices based on your margins.

Net Margin

You set your Min (or max) to be above your net cost by a value ($$$), percentage, unit cost percentage, Percentage of RRP, or value of RRP. This feature is extremely flexible to your needs.

When calculating your Net Margin Repricer.com will use a mixture of Fixed Costs and Variable costs. Fixed costs are set by you while variable costs can vary based on the product price, marketplace, etc. Please find these below,

  • Unit Cost - Fixed Cost
  • Shipping Cost - Fixed Cost
  • VAT Fee - Variable Cost
  • Marketplace Fee - Variable Cost

Within Repricer.com you can also review your listing and your margin based on your current costs and fees,

Net Margin Breakdown

What's more is you can set up different rules which use Net Margin, Item Cost, RRP or specifically set Min Max prices on your rules so you can easily mix and match for the best results. If you have any questions regarding the new Net Margin feature reach out to us at support@repricer.com