Over the coming months - Repricer.com will add most/all of the integrations that RepricerExpress currently has - such as FTP, Dropbox, Sku Grid, OA Genius etc - or indeed any custom imports that customers may have had.

You also can’t have automated Min/Max imports just yet - you will need to import these manually yourself for now.

Note - the format of the Min/Max import is a little different also. You can view more info on Repricer.com min/max imports here: https://support.xsellco.com/using-bulk-uploads

In its simplest - you can create a CSV file with just  6 columns - like below and import it to set your min/max values. Note how MySku1 is in there twice with different min/max values - as one is for Amazon UK and one for Amazon US.

Note - as part of migration - RepricerExpress will generate a min/max file in this format to set your min/max values at the time of migration. This is a one off action. 

Once migration - you should use the Repricer.com facilities instead.