Repricing wise, the eBay competitor repricing in is very similar to the one in RepricerExpress and users should find that settings and rules are comparable.

Like RepricerExpress, has both competitor repricing (for catalogue items) and a formula/replicator repricing (where your prices are based on other channels/prices - for non-catalogue items).

There are a few bits which are different though:

  • has 20 eBay channels integrated compared to just 2 in RepricerExpress.
    You will have a lot more channels to reprice on and increase your sales from once migrated.
  • There is no separate ‘formula’ rule in Instead non-catalogue items use a Replicator style price management automatically.
  • You can only beat a competitor by either a percentage OR a value - not both
  • Variation products reprice via the Replicator
  • You must have a unique custom label per product on each eBay channel you sell on, otherwise they won’t be able to download into your account.