The main difference in the Min & Max is that does not have the option to modify your Min/Max prices within a Repricing Rule. 

With, Min/Max value you set is per channel and can not be altered at rule level. This is equivalent to the ‘Product Min/Max Only’ setting in RepricerExpress. If you would like to retain this type of feature you are able to alter your Min/Max prices separately via an import. However, this is not possible via a repricing rule.

As part of the migration we will calculate your Min/Max values per channel in RepricerExpress and export these to This means that there will no longer be Global Min/Max available. See the Imports section for more info.

product minmax only
Please note that does have additional options in the Repricing Rules such as Net MarginRRP and Cost Price repricing that can be used instead of Min/Max. This is available on your account, as we will be migrating your account on to the Ultimate plan. 

As part of the migration your Min/Max values will get exported from RepricerExpress. If you wish to start using these other options, we recommend consult the Help Centre for more information on making changes and modifying your account post-migration.

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