The Buy Box Predictor is an analytics tool that helps predict which of your listings are likely to win the Buy Box.

This help file will guide you through all the specifics of the Buy Box predictor in your account.

Before you start 

  • You need to have a account. To find out how to create one, click here.
  • You'll need to have Amazon connected as a channel. To find out how to do this, click here.
  • You’ll need to be on the Repricer Ultimate or Extreme plan to access this feature. To find out more information, click here.

01 How it works?

We analyze every single price change and competitor across all your inventory. Every change is analyzed INSTANTLY and we assess how likely you are to win the Buy Box compared to your competitors.
The following are the factors we assess in our algorithm for assessing your likelihood of winning the Buy Box:

  • Feedback count

Larger sellers who are well established (and therefore have a large feedback score) will be favored in winning the buy box

  • Feedback percentage

Giving good customer care will give a higher feedback percentage.  The closer you are to 100% (the score Amazon give themselves!) the more likely you are to win the buy box.

  • Fulfilment Method

The Buy Box favors Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) over Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM).  This typically results in FBA listings being able to maintain the Buy Box with significantly higher pricing

  • Expedited Shipping

If the listing is Fulfilled by Merchant and you offer expedited shipping as an option, it increases the likelihood of you winning the Buy Box

Each of these is stored in our algorithm and is given a weighting which helps decide the probability of you winning the Buy Box.

For example, the FBA weighting has the effect of reducing the price against a Merchant Fulfilled listing, making them more likely to win the buy box even with a higher price

We are processing millions of data points every day in deciding these probabilities and we will be continuing to refine and improve this tool. Our goal is that it helps you focus on the products where you can change your strategy and win more Buy Box.

02 How to use it?

The Buy Box predictor can be found on your by going to Dashboard → Repricer.

Select either the Medium or Low probability on the graph and it will bring you to a list of products that are of medium and low probability to win the Buy Box. Likely reasons for them not having a high chance of winning the Buy Box is:

  • No repricing configured (no Repricing rule or Min/Maxs set).

  • Having restricting competitor rules that only allow you to compete against certain competitors (try to compete against other sellers with a different strategy).

  • You will need to create a rule to go change your pricing to be closer to this type of seller.

  • A seller with greater feedback or feedback score has matched your price (to compete you would have to try and increase your feedback).

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