Once you’ve created a repricing rule that will automate your eBay pricing, you’ll need to assign it to some or all of your products.

This help file will guide you through all the steps you can take to assign an eBay Rule to your products.

Before you start

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.

Note: We recommend reading this guide first to understand how to create an eBay Repricing Rule in your account.

There are 3 ways to assign repricing rules to your inventory on Repricer.com. If you'd like to apply a rule to just a few products, we recommend using option 1. If you'd like to apply a rule or rules to many products at a time, we recommend options 2 or 3.

Option 1: Assigning manually

Manually assigning the rule to the products via the eBay product page takes longer, but allows a granular, product-by-product approach. To use this option click on the product you'd like to apply the rule to. The product slider will appear. Choose the rule under the Repricing Rule field.

manual assing

Option 2: Bulk Edit Options

Bulk Edit Options allows you to quickly select multiple products within the Products page and assign a rule to all of them at once. First, select more than one product using the product select option on the product list. Next, the Bulk Edit Options dropdown will appear. Select the Assign a Repricer option.

Pro Tip: use the search and filter options on the right of the products page to see just the products you want to bulk assign rules to. 

Option 3: Use a CSV import

The Import page allows you to assign rules using a CSV. This is a great option if you’re moving from another Repricer or using fulfillment software that provides you with a CSV export of all your products. To use this option go to the Import page on the left navigation bar, click the eBay tab at the top of the page, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

To find out more about eBay imports, click here.

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