Once all your inventory is imported into your Repricer.com account, you can assign Min/Max prices and a Repricer to start repricing your recently imported products.

This help file will guide you through all the steps you can take to assign a Rule to your products.

Before you start

  • You need to have a Repricer.com account. To find out how to create one, click here.

Note: We recommend reading this guide first to understand what a Repricing software does and how repricing works on Amazon.

01 What is a Repricer?

A Repricer is a basic Repricing rule that you will assign to your products to determine how you want them to reprice against your competitors. If you wanted to find out more about Repricing rules, you can click here.

Pro Tip: To get you up and running quickly, we have created default Repricers which you can choose from. If you wish to create your own Repricing rule for this channel or edit the default rule to suit your strategy, you will need to do this before assigning a Repricer. 

Note: Repricer.com will only reprice listings with Min and Max prices set and a Repricer assigned.

02 How to assign Min/Max prices and a Repricer?

  1. In your Repricer.com account, go to Products and select the listings you would like to start repricing. When you select multiple or all products, you’ll see the bulk action option at the top of the screen

    Min and Max pricesThis will allow you to set either a percentage or value above or below your current prices.

    Pro Tip: You can also set specific Min and Max prices using the .CSV template – simply download the template, enter your prices in the price_min and price_max fields, and upload it in the Bulk Upload section of your interface. 


  2. Once you are happy with your Min and Max price limits, click on the Bulk Edit Options drop-down and select Assign a Repricer, and choose which Repricing rule you would like to apply using the drop-down box.

    Bulk action

  3. As this is a new channel, you will need to select Assign repricer to selected items, so that all your channel’s inventory will be repriced according to this new Repricer. Then click Assign Repricer.

    Assign a RepricerYour products are now set up to be repriced. You can add or edit new rules at any time in the Repricing Rules section of your account.

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